Our Philosophy


At Sens Dining, we believe strongly in the following principles:


Shun is a concept which refers to what ingredients are currently in season. This is an important concept for us - the necessity of serving seasonal ingredients in their prime, at their respective pinnacle of taste. We adopt this belief from the traditional Japanese art of dining, Kaiseki (懐石料理), where dishes are served only with ingredients in season, with complementary flavours.

Art of Presentation 盛り付け

The art of dining begins with the visual. We curate authentic dining ware from Japan which, aside from its functional purpose, also serves to lead your eyes towards the respective ingredients. The artful plating of food also allows a guided tasting experience, while showing reverence towards the ingredients, as well as respect towards our guests.

We hope that you will enjoy your dining experience with us, and join us as we navigate through the seasons' finest flavours.

Warmest Regards,
Chef Kent, Chef Alex, and the Sens Dining team